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It’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s Prom time! I was going to be attending my third Prom this year, but unfortunately it ended up not working out. However, I bought this beautiful dress from ASOS a few months ago, and I just love it so much I couldn’t give it up! So rather than letting it sit in my closet until another gown worthy event arises, I thought I would give you all an idea of what I would be wearing if I did go to prom this year, and also give you a few rules and guidelines (pay special attention to number eight) on this highly anticipated night — treat these as gospel.

1. Please, do not wear a short dress to Prom. Highlow dresses are an exception, but I mean really - How many chances do you have to wear a full on gown? Not many, so take advantage of this opportunity and get as dolled up as possible.

2. Don’t wear a white dress either, it is tacky. As appealing as they are, save that for your wedding day.

3. Learn how to dance. Grinding is great and all, believe me I know it’s fun to get down. But honestly after two songs, it’s just complete tosh, and your legs end up being ridiculously sore the day after if you do it all night. So, let loose and salsa or samba! Or just throw your hands in the air and show the world your signature moves! Mix it up Ladies and Gents, I promise it will make for a better night and your parents will certainly sleep soundly.

4.  Eat a light dinner. As delicious as your massive bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo looks with Tiramsu on the way, eat only half of it. Especially if you have a tight dress, because you WILL bloat and feel miserable on the dance floor with all the food in your tummy, and that just isn’t cute. Plus, in between Prom and After Prom I can guarantee you will be peckish — a perfect opportunity for you to finish off your dinner.

5.  Go to After Prom. Even if it isn’t for the full time, Go. There is food, lots of fun, and usually a ridiculous amount of free goodies. ( I won $100, free bowling tickets, a camera case, and a movie basket last year.)

6.  Match your date, and learn how to put on Boutonnière. It’s hard, trust me.
7.  Just have fun. As cliche as that sounds, even if your dance is lame - the DJ is bad, or your school won’t let you grind, just let it go. It is what you make it, and if you want it to be fun then it will be. There is no use spending so much time and money on a dance that you end up leaving because your administrators won’t let you rub your butt against your boyfriend for three hours. Do the macarena for God’s sake.

8.  Now this right here is the most important. The rule of all rules. The rule you must never break — Do not ever, EVER, FREAKING EVER knowingly wear the same dress as another girl. Even if you go to different schools, even if it is the same dress but a different colour, no matter how much you love it, DO NOT DO THIS. ESPECIALLY if you know that someone clearly bought it first, because being a copycat never looks good. It is a different story if you accidentally end up with the same dress as someone by coincidence, that is unavoidable (unfortunate yes, but no ones fault). But please please please, be original and don’t steal someone else’s thunder. It is rude, disrespectful, callous, shady, unoriginal, cheap, and shameful. Don’t be that girl. And if you have ever done this in the past, I hope you feel absolutely horrible and that you learned your lesson. 

So there you have the general survival guide for Prom. For those of you who already had Prom this year, I hope you had a wonderful time. And for those of you that will be attending in the coming weeks, follow these rules and I promise it WILL be wonderful.


(ASOS dress, Hair by Aubrey, Makeup by Zara, borrowed heels)

McKenzie Coyle Photography  <3 

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