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I never tend to focus on the everyday/kick back sort of outfits, because I’m never very intrigued by them to be perfectly honest. The sad part about that is, that’s generally what my summer outfits consists of ; kickback clothes, jean shorts, T-shirt, and a pair of converse. So here is an example of how I attempt making my everyday summer garb easy to wear, but still interesting. 

Layers aren’t just for winter, I don’t care what anyone says. I layered this lace blouse with one of my favourite lace covers ups to give the look more depth. You can also layer jewellery (lots of rings, multiple necklaces) to create more interest to your outfit. 

I got these converse style kicks (they’re actually Cath Kidston) in the heart of London last year. My little brother says that they are “ill” and “dirty”, so I’m really hoping that was a compliment. I also like wearing socks that ride a little bit higher than my actual shoe does to give it a bit of a preppy look.

Anyway, I just thought I would show you guys that I am a normal human being and I don’t wear crazy outfits EVERY day.

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: While I’m Alive - STRFKR

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Cath Kidston shoes, thrifted shorts, Handed down blouse, UO Velvet crop, F21 lace shall, Pac Sun Necklace)

I borrowed this dress from Abbie a few times last year and she just recently cleaned out her closet and relinquished it to me. The open back is absolutely killer and the loose t-shirt dress is almost too punk rock to handle. I have kinda been obsessed with these knee highs since I bought them, even though it’s probably still a little too hot to be wearing them.

Also, I am now having to ride my bike to school everyday and that can be quite impeding on certain outfits, so we will see what I can pull off but I have a feeling I will have to refrain from dresses for a while. Boo.

I hope you all are having a super rad start to the school year. Be adventurous, be brave. Go to parties. Study hard. Eat well. Work out. Laugh, a lot. Drink coffee. Definitely talk to the cute boy in your morning class. And most of all, dress to impress.

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: Bloodflood - Alt-J

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(H&M dress and bag, Steve Madden boots, UO socks, KOMONO watch, VS bandeau)

So I attempted to dye my hair white, I got very very close but there are still some yellow undertones. EIther way, I’m kind of in love with this colour and its potential to be snow white after one more round of bleaching (sorry hair). All I want to do now, is wear black and black and maybe some more black. The contrast with my nearly white hair makes for a lovely two-tone look. As Matt Healy says, “My style is black….and expensive.”

This can potentially be severely posh, so I attempted to master the posh look with this nearly all H&M outfit. This brand new top was hardly $5 full price, so I got three in different colours. OOPS! Anyway, the all black look is too rad to not give it a shot, so mess around with all your black clothes and see if you can come up with something. 

P.S. If any of you lovelies have any tips on how I can get my hair COMPLETELY white without absolutely murdering it, please let me know :) 

XX Avery XX

Song of the week : She Way Out - The 1975 

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Top, necklace, skirt, bag by H&M, DSW heels, KOMONO watch, F21 sunnies, nails by me) 

1thirteenth-sun3 asked: love your blog, keep the fire burning.

Thank you so much love! :) 

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to own a headpiece like this. I finally found one that I liked for a good enough price from ASOS. It’s always difficult for me to pull off a middle part, but this accessory definitely makes it worth a shot. It’s a great way to spruce up a simple up-do, or even to wear with your hair down. It is shown here in both ways, however I personally prefer to wear it with my hair up. Though it may seem like a stretch to try this accessory, I would definitely advise it. It has certainly been one of my favourite purchases this summer. 

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: Salt - Bad Suns

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(ASOS Headpiece. H&M Jewellery. F21 skirt, tank and shall. KOMONO watch)

H&M just had this massive sale and I got this new bag for so cheap I almost felt like I was stealing it. I love it, but all of my guy friends have been calling it the “coffin” or the “hearse”. At first I took offence, but the names have started to grow on me - so much to the point that I have started to call it the coffin myself. On the other hand, this velvet skirt was mini to begin with - then I put it through the wash and it shrunk so now I am stuck with a VERY mini skirt. But I can’t give it up, the forest green velvet and structured cut are quite irreplaceable, sorry Dad.

Thigh Highs are a great staple piece to have in my opinion. American Apparel always has some really good quality stockings, with loads of different colours. If you want a pair that will last - I would head to your nearest American Apparel and purchase them there. These however came from Urban, cause they were on sale so yeah happy day. Also if you have a Netflix account, go watch Charlie countryman - it is my new favourite movie (it is completely flawless).

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: So now what - The Shins

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(F21 blazer layering dress and sunnies, Thrifted skirt, PacSun and H&M Jewellery, UO stockings, H&M Bag, Steve Madden boots)

I have to admit that I am actually obsessed with thrifting. I have to restrain myself from going multiple times a day to the vast array of thrift shops littered across my town. I can’t really blame myself though. When you find things like this dress, who wouldn’t want to go back?

I got the frock and the bag for four bones total, and unlike most things I find at GoodWill and the like, these two were perfect right off the bat. The dress fits me like a glove, AND it has pockets -  does it get better than that?

Now please do not go into a thrift store expecting to find flawless things like these easily. It’s rare, but certainly worth the search. It is almost like a treasure hunt, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to find one special gem. However, do not disregard all the dirt you have to dig through - for some of it may have a ridiculous amount of potential. You must not look at what you find in thrift stores for exactly what it is right in front of you. Look for its potential, the promise of what it could be if you put a little work into it. That is the key to successful thrifting.

So before you go straight to Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 (don’t worry, I still frequent both) stop by your local thrift store, you may be surprised by what you find…

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: Bridges by Broods

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Thrifted dress and bag, Charlotte Russe Sandals, F21 sunnies and arm cuff, KOMONO watch, Dad’s vintage belt)

promisemeeternityxo asked: your blog is wonderful. i literally check every few days to see if you've put up a new post. (:

EEEEE! Thank you dear you are too kind! 

To follow up on my ridiculously long post of about the Twenty One Pilots concert (sorry about that, I was just wicked excited) here are some photos that Zara took before the concert. If you actually read the post about the concert (I commend you if you did) you know I talked about proper concert attire, so here is an example of what I usually wear to concerts. I got theses quilted (yes, quilted) BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters for $10 over Christmas break and they have quickly become one of my staple pieces. I also thrifted this tank at ARC for $3 and I fancy it quite a lot. One of my friends even texted me asking “Is everything okay? You have been wearing that white top for a week straight.” Everything is fine, all my other tops just seem rubbish in comparison. Either way, it’s getting too hot to wear jeans now so I’ll have to retire them until fall. Boo.

P.S. I broke Zara’s umbrella (don’t worry we fixed it) in the last photo, and it just makes me laugh so there you go.

P.P.S The gun thing is a Twenty One Pilots song so don’t mind me.

Song of the week : Salad Days - Mac Demarco

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Doc Marten’s, Thrifted Top, BDG Jeans, No name Lightning Bolts)

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of working with one of my oldest friends, Jenny Gransee. We decided to do a photo shoot collab and made quite the day of it. I asked her while we were shooting where she got her interest in photography. She told me that she had recently modeled for a photo shoot and that she “Wanted to know what it was like on the other side of the lens.” Since her interest sparked, she has been shooting phenomenal photos left and right.

Here’s a quick look into our collaboration. Jenny is a fantastic photographer based out of Boulder, CO with mad style and a wicked knack for thrift shopping. So show her some love and follow her work, and if you are interested in doing a shoot with Jenny, she will make you look stunning for way cheaper than it’s worth.

Happy Summer

XX Avery XX

Song of the Week: Robbers - The 1975


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