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I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to own a headpiece like this. I finally found one that I liked for a good enough price from ASOS. It’s always difficult for me to pull off a middle part, but this accessory definitely makes it worth a shot. It’s a great way to spruce up a simple up-do, or even to wear with your hair down. It is shown here in both ways, however I personally prefer to wear it with my hair up. Though it may seem like a stretch to try this accessory, I would definitely advise it. It has certainly been one of my favourite purchases this summer. 

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: Salt - Bad Suns

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(ASOS Headpiece. H&M Jewellery. F21 skirt, tank and shall. KOMONO watch)

H&M just had this massive sale and I got this new bag for so cheap I almost felt like I was stealing it. I love it, but all of my guy friends have been calling it the “coffin” or the “hearse”. At first I took offence, but the names have started to grow on me - so much to the point that I have started to call it the coffin myself. On the other hand, this velvet skirt was mini to begin with - then I put it through the wash and it shrunk so now I am stuck with a VERY mini skirt. But I can’t give it up, the forest green velvet and structured cut are quite irreplaceable, sorry Dad.

Thigh Highs are a great staple piece to have in my opinion. American Apparel always has some really good quality stockings, with loads of different colours. If you want a pair that will last - I would head to your nearest American Apparel and purchase them there. These however came from Urban, cause they were on sale so yeah happy day. Also if you have a Netflix account, go watch Charlie countryman - it is my new favourite movie (it is completely flawless).

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: So now what - The Shins

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(F21 blazer layering dress and sunnies, Thrifted skirt, PacSun and H&M Jewellery, UO stockings, H&M Bag, Steve Madden boots)

I have to admit that I am actually obsessed with thrifting. I have to restrain myself from going multiple times a day to the vast array of thrift shops littered across my town. I can’t really blame myself though. When you find things like this dress, who wouldn’t want to go back?

I got the frock and the bag for four bones total, and unlike most things I find at GoodWill and the like, these two were perfect right off the bat. The dress fits me like a glove, AND it has pockets -  does it get better than that?

Now please do not go into a thrift store expecting to find flawless things like these easily. It’s rare, but certainly worth the search. It is almost like a treasure hunt, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to find one special gem. However, do not disregard all the dirt you have to dig through - for some of it may have a ridiculous amount of potential. You must not look at what you find in thrift stores for exactly what it is right in front of you. Look for its potential, the promise of what it could be if you put a little work into it. That is the key to successful thrifting.

So before you go straight to Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 (don’t worry, I still frequent both) stop by your local thrift store, you may be surprised by what you find…

XX Avery XX

Song of the week: Bridges by Broods

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Thrifted dress and bag, Charlotte Russe Sandals, F21 sunnies and arm cuff, KOMONO watch, Dad’s vintage belt)

promisemeeternityxo asked: your blog is wonderful. i literally check every few days to see if you've put up a new post. (:

EEEEE! Thank you dear you are too kind! 

To follow up on my ridiculously long post of about the Twenty One Pilots concert (sorry about that, I was just wicked excited) here are some photos that Zara took before the concert. If you actually read the post about the concert (I commend you if you did) you know I talked about proper concert attire, so here is an example of what I usually wear to concerts. I got theses quilted (yes, quilted) BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters for $10 over Christmas break and they have quickly become one of my staple pieces. I also thrifted this tank at ARC for $3 and I fancy it quite a lot. One of my friends even texted me asking “Is everything okay? You have been wearing that white top for a week straight.” Everything is fine, all my other tops just seem rubbish in comparison. Either way, it’s getting too hot to wear jeans now so I’ll have to retire them until fall. Boo.

P.S. I broke Zara’s umbrella (don’t worry we fixed it) in the last photo, and it just makes me laugh so there you go.

P.P.S The gun thing is a Twenty One Pilots song so don’t mind me.

Song of the week : Salad Days - Mac Demarco

Photos by Zara DeGroot

(Doc Marten’s, Thrifted Top, BDG Jeans, No name Lightning Bolts)

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of working with one of my oldest friends, Jenny Gransee. We decided to do a photo shoot collab and made quite the day of it. I asked her while we were shooting where she got her interest in photography. She told me that she had recently modeled for a photo shoot and that she “Wanted to know what it was like on the other side of the lens.” Since her interest sparked, she has been shooting phenomenal photos left and right.

Here’s a quick look into our collaboration. Jenny is a fantastic photographer based out of Boulder, CO with mad style and a wicked knack for thrift shopping. So show her some love and follow her work, and if you are interested in doing a shoot with Jenny, she will make you look stunning for way cheaper than it’s worth.

Happy Summer

XX Avery XX

Song of the Week: Robbers - The 1975


Exactly a year ago when my hair was a bit longer, I dyed the ends of my hair lilac. It stayed in for literally three days and it was tragic because I was madly in love with it. So exactly a year later (yesterday) Kelsey and I decided to dye my hair turquoise. Don’t freak out though, it is ridiculously NOT permanent and should come out within about two weeks, and my hair will go back to normal. Anyway, it took quite a while and Kelsey did an awesome job so now I have blue hair for a bit! That’s proper punk rock I’d say.

Moving onto these rad pants. I have been obsessed with thrift  shopping lately, and I actually found these today at goodwill. The tag says they were made in Paris, but I don’t exactly know what to call them but I can tell you they are actual magic in the form of pants. A good catch for $5.

Massive shout out to all the Seniors graduating this weekend. Congratulations to you all and be sure to treasure this time because it’s only a year later, and I already miss it. And temporarily dye your hair silly colours because you’re young and you can.

XX Avery XX

Photos by Zara

(Forever 21 tank and hat, Thrifted pants, Charlotte Russe sandals, UO rings and sunnies, Main Street Nails, Pac Sun Necklaces)

A bit of a precursor: Click on individual photos to see captions and descriptions. 

Last night I attended the Twenty One Pilots concert at The Ogden Theatre with Zara. I originally thought I was not going to be able to attend, as the show was sold out. Given that they are quite possibly my favourite band, I spent the last few weeks feverishly searching Craigslist for cheap tickets. And low and behold the day before I found two tickets for sale at cost, and thus Zara and I made our way to Denver. I can without a doubt say that this concert was the BEST show I have ever been to, and let me tell you I have been to many. It was beyond incredible and was truly a spiritual experience. So I really have to share with you guys the details of our night. While waiting in line for 3+ hours outside the venue, I had plenty of time to think so I made a list of  “must haves” for any show, or an Official Concert Survival Guide - This is what I came up with.

1. Wear supportive shoes. I always opt for my Dr. Martens or Converse, they both supply proper support and protection for standing in the pit. Please do not ever wear flip flops/sandals or open toed shoes. Your back and unharmed feet will thank you.

2. If you are wanting to buy merch, do it BEFORE the show right when you get inside. They usually sell out very quickly, especially if you are a size medium. 

3. Only bring what you need. Avoid bringing a massive purse, or any bag at all. Invest in a small wallet you can stick in your pocket or wear around your wrist that holds your ticket, your ID, cash and your phone. 

4. Bring your own water bottle. I promise you will get thirsty, and sometimes even severely dehydrated. Most venues will not allow open containers, so smuggle it under your jacket while going through ticket scanning. 

5. Speaking of jackets, bring one. You will likely be chilly when you leave the concert, so tie it around your waist during the show to keep it out of the way.

6. Do not wear long sleeve shirts. I usually wear chiffon or tank tops because it gets very hot. Also be sure to wear pants or shorts that have pockets. You want to have as many places to store small items to keep your hands free for dancing. 

7. Get to know the people standing next to you. Find out their names and befriend them. This will come in handy when you have to go to the bathroom in middle of the show and they will likely hold your spot for you while you are gone. 

8. For all your girls with long hair, bring a hair tie. Trust me. 

9. As hard as it may seem, try to put your camera/phone away. It can be very tempting to want to capture every moment of this special night to share with the world, but often times you end up missing the experience for yourself. Take a few snapshots of the highlights of the show, but other than that watch the show through your own eyes, not the eye of your camera lens. Live in the moment, I promise you the memory of that concert will far exceed the value of any photo or video you took. 

10. Dance, dance and freaking DANCE. It doesn’t matter what the people around you think, enjoy yourself and go nuts. At last night’s show, this guy behind me kept asking if I was alright, he seemed very concerned. He even said “You look like you are seizing, are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” So Z finally turned around and said “She is fine, this is just how she gets at concerts.” My style of dancing is some sort of mix between Lykke Li, Kimbra and Tyler Joseph himself. 

11. Do not park in the lots close to the venue that charge $20 for the night. Drive a few blocks and park in a close neighbourhood for free.  It will save you some money and get you a little extra exercise. 

12. Look up the opening acts the night before and get familiar with their music. It will make your time with them as an audience much more enjoyable if you know a song or two. 

13. Go to Taco Bell after the concert. It is the only appropriate post-concert food. 

14. If you are looking to leave the quickly after the show ends, check to see if your venue has an upstairs level or a balcony. It can take a very long time to get out of the theatre, especially if you are in the pit. Instead of pushing through the rest of the crowd, go upstairs and take the opposite staircase back down into the lobby. It never fails to be eons faster. 

15. Don’t be stingy on paying a good amount of money for your concert tickets. If you can spend $100+ on a pair of UGG boots, you can spend that or less on a great show. Because you are paying for an amazing experience, a memory that you will never lose and that will never go out of style. Let me promise you that your UGG boots will go out of style (HINT HINT: they already are.)

16. If you are going to your favourite band’s show, just try and contain yourself. I epically failed at this rule last night on multiple accounts. I went to punch my friend Joey because he didn’t know who the Pixies were, and I ended up punching this poor girl right in the clavicle. I later hit the same girl again as she was drinking water and it spilled all over her. Oops. I screamed so loud that the guy next to me was practically on his friends lap in attempt to stay a safe distance from my shrill tongue. I ate four whole doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts before the show. I was sweating so much that my makeup was running down my face. I smoked FAR too many Prime Times, and I drove like an absolute maniac on the way home and almost killed Z and I like three times. Also, Z’s contact popped out in the middle of the show.

So there you have it, The Official Concert Survival Guide. If you want to see short clips of last night’s show click here and here (seriously do it, they are 15 seconds long and absolutely amazing) A bit of aftermath for you: I am sitting here writing (with my neck kinked to the left due to severe whiplash) at Red Frog with two messy piggy buns in my hair, with a massive sugar hang over, lungs full of tar and makeup still stuck in my eyelashes while listening to Zara help customers, and I can tell you I do not have a single regret from last night. Except for maybe punching that girl. Either way, Twenty One Pilots put on an incredible show, it was absolutely earth shattering. If you have not checked them out yet, please do yourself a favour and give them a listen and show them the support they deserve. And if they are ever playing in your city, GO SEE THEM! 

Photos were taken by Zara and myself. 

Song of the week: Guns for Hands - Twenty One Pilots

XX Avery XX 

First and foremost, if you don’t have a pair of overalls go and get yourself a pair. I can’t quite pin point when they made a come back, but they sure did so don’t be slow on the uptake. About a week ago, I took my friend Kelsey thrift shopping and found her a pair of overalls for only four bones. I guess that’s where it started for me. Soon after my friend Zara grabbed an old pair of her own and cut them short as well. So, I found this pair for myself (at a measly 5 quid) along with a few other articles from ARC. Funny enough, I came home and realized that they are maternity overalls, but I mean they look rad, so whatever? We tried some weird lighting in this weird room and I felt like a grungy six year old in Alice in Wonderland. So, sorry for looking so unenthused and strung out but I dig it.

Good luck on finals for those of you who have them next week, and congratulations to those who are already done. Enjoy being a couch potato.

XX Avery XX

(ARC Overalls, Doc Martens, Pac Sun Crop Top, KOMONO Watch, Borrowed Glasses from Britta)

Photos by Zara DeGroot


It’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s Prom time! I was going to be attending my third Prom this year, but unfortunately it ended up not working out. However, I bought this beautiful dress from ASOS a few months ago, and I just love it so much I couldn’t give it up! So rather than letting it sit in my closet until another gown worthy event arises, I thought I would give you all an idea of what I would be wearing if I did go to prom this year, and also give you a few rules and guidelines (pay special attention to number eight) on this highly anticipated night — treat these as gospel.

1. Please, do not wear a short dress to Prom. Highlow dresses are an exception, but I mean really - How many chances do you have to wear a full on gown? Not many, so take advantage of this opportunity and get as dolled up as possible.

2. Don’t wear a white dress either, it is tacky. As appealing as they are, save that for your wedding day.

3. Learn how to dance. Grinding is great and all, believe me I know it’s fun to get down. But honestly after two songs, it’s just complete tosh, and your legs end up being ridiculously sore the day after if you do it all night. So, let loose and salsa or samba! Or just throw your hands in the air and show the world your signature moves! Mix it up Ladies and Gents, I promise it will make for a better night and your parents will certainly sleep soundly.

4.  Eat a light dinner. As delicious as your massive bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo looks with Tiramsu on the way, eat only half of it. Especially if you have a tight dress, because you WILL bloat and feel miserable on the dance floor with all the food in your tummy, and that just isn’t cute. Plus, in between Prom and After Prom I can guarantee you will be peckish — a perfect opportunity for you to finish off your dinner.

5.  Go to After Prom. Even if it isn’t for the full time, Go. There is food, lots of fun, and usually a ridiculous amount of free goodies. ( I won $100, free bowling tickets, a camera case, and a movie basket last year.)

6.  Match your date, and learn how to put on Boutonnière. It’s hard, trust me.
7.  Just have fun. As cliche as that sounds, even if your dance is lame - the DJ is bad, or your school won’t let you grind, just let it go. It is what you make it, and if you want it to be fun then it will be. There is no use spending so much time and money on a dance that you end up leaving because your administrators won’t let you rub your butt against your boyfriend for three hours. Do the macarena for God’s sake.

8.  Now this right here is the most important. The rule of all rules. The rule you must never break — Do not ever, EVER, FREAKING EVER knowingly wear the same dress as another girl. Even if you go to different schools, even if it is the same dress but a different colour, no matter how much you love it, DO NOT DO THIS. ESPECIALLY if you know that someone clearly bought it first, because being a copycat never looks good. It is a different story if you accidentally end up with the same dress as someone by coincidence, that is unavoidable (unfortunate yes, but no ones fault). But please please please, be original and don’t steal someone else’s thunder. It is rude, disrespectful, callous, shady, unoriginal, cheap, and shameful. Don’t be that girl. And if you have ever done this in the past, I hope you feel absolutely horrible and that you learned your lesson. 

So there you have the general survival guide for Prom. For those of you who already had Prom this year, I hope you had a wonderful time. And for those of you that will be attending in the coming weeks, follow these rules and I promise it WILL be wonderful.


(ASOS dress, Hair by Aubrey, Makeup by Zara, borrowed heels)

McKenzie Coyle Photography  <3 

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